Mrs. Emiliani Signs Out


On the gloomiest of days at Verona High School any student or teacher knows that there is one person who will be smiling and can bring sunshine to anybody’s gray days.  Mrs. Emiliani “the sweetheart of Verona High School” is a favorite among all students and teachers.

Selfless, patient, caring, personable and irreplaceable are just a few words to describe Mrs. E. She has become such an important part of VHS and will be greatly missed as she departs from her position as attendance officer this June. Mrs. E has helped everyone from freshman to seniors to teachers and all can agree that the school will be missing a piece of the puzzle next year.

Even though we all know Mrs. E for her work in the attendance office, most students do not know that she too was once a student at VHS back in the 70s. As she began to look back on her days here at VHS she started to talk about how things have changed here at VHS.

“The school had over 1000 kids when I went here,” she said as she took a trip down memory lane. “And we also had to wear jump suits for gym and there was a senior lounge.”

After raising kids of her own, Mrs. E knew that working with kids was something that she wanted to continue to do. Mrs. E began working at the attendance office in September of 2005 but it was not her first time working at a school. She worked for many years as a teacher in the Newark School System and spent some time in Mexico teaching at a bilingual school. She then came to Verona High School to work in the Board of Education office.  After Mrs. E leaves her position working in the attendance office this summer she plans to go back to the Board of Education to help work on the referendum.

“Her office is a safe place for everyone” said Mrs. Burke “not only for students but for teachers as well.” Mrs. Burke also added that one of Mrs. E’s strongest qualities is her ability to find the good in everybody. Mrs. McLaughlin also added that she continues to be surprised by Mrs. E’s modesty while she will shower everyone else with compliments.

“I’ve never met someone who is as genuinely nice as she is,” said senior Ciarra Davidson.

Many students may see Mrs. Emiliani as the person they can go to when they have a problem or just want to talk, and no matter how many parents she needs to call or slips she needs to sign, Mrs. E is always there to lend an ear.

In addition to all the photos of herself and students that she treasures, the walls of the attendance office are covered with artwork that students have made and given to Mrs. E over the years to express their appreciation. VHS Art teacher Terry Sherman revealed that Mrs. E has an incredible creative side and hopes that after so many years of taking care of others she takes the time to express her own creativity. Mrs. E has voiced her love for mosaics and hopes that one day she can return to take a mosaic class of her own at VHS.

“She is the most patient person and has a heart for everyone,” Mrs. Hou expressed “and nobody can replace her.”

“Mrs. E is a great part of VHS and the school be very different without her, she will definitely be missed”, expressed senior Alyssa Streifer. Many see Mrs. E as the part of the school that keeps everything going. She has a tiresome job with endless slips and phone calls yet she manages to always have a smile on her face.

“Think of the school as a body and Mrs. E is the heart,” explains senior Justin Drozdowski.

“I am going to miss the interaction with an amazing group of young men and women who have been such a blessing,” Mrs. E reflects.

There are not enough “thank you’s” to fully express how grateful everyone has been for her. She has brought so much life and sunshine to VHS and her radiant personality will be missed.