Retiring: Mrs. Diane Newman

Retiring: Mrs. Diane Newman

As we prepare to end yet another school year (this one, in a more unconventional way than most), we must say goodbye to a few familiar faces around the school. This year we say so long to Mrs. Diane Newman, who will be retiring this year. 

Mrs. Newman has worked as an administrative assistant in Verona for 25 years; three of which were spent at Laning, and the next 22 years spent at Verona High School. She chose to work in the Verona education system because of her personal connection to the town, having lived in it for many years, and because her sons were growing up in the Verona community.

Over her 25 years, Mrs. Newman has seen a lot of change in the high school; the biggest, she says, is the challenges that students have to face, in both social and academic realms. Throughout her time here, her favorite part has always been working with the students: as a mother of three sons herself, she says that she knows that sometimes all people really want is someone to listen. Her advice to all students of Verona High School is to “embrace change;” despite the difficult times, and that it is important to remain strong and persevere.

Mrs. Newman hopes to spend her retirement traveling to see her family, who live all over the world. 

Mrs. Newman says thank you to all the staff at VHS, and that she will carry the memories of her time here. “And to my fellow administrative assistants – I couldn’t have done it without you!! You are the most hard-working dedicated women I could have asked to work with. Gina, Lisa, Janet and Dianne – thank you. It was an honor to work with you.”

From the student body to Mrs. Newman:  An enormous thank you for all your years or dedicated service, and all the help and kindness you have provided the students of Verona High School over the years. We wish you all the best in retirement!