Retiring: Mrs. Terry Sherman

Retiring: Mrs. Terry Sherman

Mrs. Terry Sherman, art teacher for 29 years, will be retiring from Verona High School following this school year.  Mrs. Sherman has left her mark on Verona High School, both literally and figuratively, and that will never be forgotten.

While all goodbyes can be difficult, Mrs. Sherman’s is full of memories but also opens new doors. Though teaching is a job, for Mrs. Sherman, it was a passion. Mrs. Sherman says she loved every part of her job, except grading that is. Her favorite parts of the job were those that involved students, students she is hesitant to leave. 

Mrs. Sherman says she will miss seeing and saying hello to her students and co-workers every morning.  She will especially miss the joy of the art year culminating each May in the VHS Creative Arts Festival.  Along with other art-lovers, all of whom were either students or teachers. she loved blowing up balloons, assembling tables, and putting art displays together for students, parents, siblings, and grandparents to enjoy. However, Mrs. Sherman has come to a point in her life where she feels it is time for her to focus on other pursuits and spend more time with her own grandchildren.

Though leaving her job and passion of almost thirty years will be difficult for her and those around her, Mrs. Sherman plans on using her free time to continue with her passion. Mrs. Sherman has joined a ceramic studio so she can continue to create art; she will also be teaching children’s art classes part time as soon as things begin to open. She wants to take art courses and go to museums in the city and truly explore her love of art.

 One literal “mark” she left on VHS was the art mural outside of her room. The ceramic piece above the wall was made entirely from student-made clay pieces and took two years to build. Mrs. Sherman is proud of this piece and is glad she has left something physical behind in the school. 

While everyone is sad to watch Mrs. Sherman leave VHS, they are also appreciate her three decades of accomplishments and commitment to VHS students. Life is full of new adventures for Mrs. Sherman and Verona High School wishes her the best.